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Principle Centered Leadership

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28th, 29th & 30th August 2019 Gurugram, India

Principle Centered Leadership

Leaders make the Difference

Drawing on over 30 years of teaching and consulting, Principle Centered Leadership brings to you the opportunity to open up an entirely new dimension of human potential by showing you how to achieve greatness as a leader. To provide you with a skill-set, tool-set and mind-set to accomplish sustainable financial performance, intense customer loyalty, a winning culture and a distinctive contribution in the marketplace-all of which are hallmarks of a winning organization.

The strength of your leadership has never been more important than it is today in determining the success of your organization.

This 3 day luxury residential on-site leadership retreat is aimed at giving you as a leader the power to execute and accomplish your most important goals.

Principle centred leadership will consist of a 3 day instructor led training, by globally acclaimed masters Micheal Simpson and Dr. Colleen Lightbody.


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Michael Simpson

Global Managing Director Executive Coaching
FranklinCovey Co.

For more than 20 years out of his 35 years of total experience , Simpson has been a global delivery senior consultant in FranklinCovey’s Strategy Execution, Leadership, and Trust Practices. He is Co-founder and Global Managing Director for the FranklinCovey-Columbia University Executive Coaching Certification Program. Simpson has been an internationally sought-after executive coach, leadership consultant, and keynote speaker. He has coached and consulted with leaders in over 35 countries in leadership development, strategic planning, goal execution, building high performance-based teams, and high-trust organizational cultures.

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Dr. Colleen Lightbody

Master Trainer / Speaker and Executive Coach
The Neuroleadership Institute South Africa

Dr. Colleen Lightbody is a Highly Respected Senior Executive Coach, Trainer, Mentor and Assessor. She has a Master’s degree in leadership through the University of Johannesburg as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Neuroleadership through Middlesex University and a PhD in Mindfulness and Leadership. Her global experience in training, coaching and program development includes clients in the Asia-Pac Region, the United States of America, Europe & Africa. Her specific area of expertise lies in Neuroleadership, Personal and Professional Leadership, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence & Coaching. She has Coached many senior & top leaders in corporations across the world. Colleen has trained thousands of coaches across the globe Including India. She is also a celebrated TED speaker.

Program Content

Leading in a VUCA world

Leading in the VUCA world is leading in a world full of uncertainty and complex business environments. Having no wall of certainty to lean on has become common place. Constant change has become a part of our DNA especially at senior leadership levels. Principle Centered Leadership is aimed at giving you as a leader clarity in this new world of ambiguity. It is providing you with the skill set, tool set and mind set to be confident, comfortable and certain of yourself even when there is a tsunami of change hitting you.


It takes incredible discipline to execute a strategic goal in any organization. But it takes even more discipline to do so again and again. Creating a culture of execution means embedding principles of discipline into your organization. At every level, individuals, leaders, and teams need to institutionalize a common approach to move goals from strategy to execution.
Principle Centered Leadership will establish a clear line of sight to your wildly important goals to help you consistently achieve results with and through others using a disciplined processes.


Communication is the core of leadership. Leadership is a role that demands a multitude of relationships and how effectively these relationship function is dependent of your communication. To have a seamless execution of strategy it is critical to be understand and be understood. It all revolves around meaningful collaboration, interaction and engagement which are must-have skills for leaders today.

Through Principle Centered Leadership you will learn:

  • - How ideas can be communicated seamlessly
  • - Having smart communication
  • - Encouraging your team to share ideas and solutions
  • - Walking your talk

Any organization or industry no matter how different have one common denominator the assurance that there will be at some point the need for succession. This is the one thing certain in an un-cetrain business environment.
You maybe on the top of your game today, you maybe a leader who is contributing to the significant growth of your organization, but does it end there? What happens when you move to higher roles or when you retire ?
Have you unleashed in the team the talent required to sustain your legacy?
Principle centered leadership will show you how to develop a winning team, where people’s unique talents are leveraged against clear performance expectations in a way that encourages responsibility and growth.
Unleash the ability of each person on your team to improve performance, solve problems, and grow their careers.


Learn how to structure and facilitate long term engagements to effectively coach high performance professionals.
Dramatically improve other people’s thinking and performance by leveraging coaching models that draw from the hard science of how the brain works.
Learn how to have quality coaching conversations in any situation.


Trust is common sense, but it is not common practice.
Trust is not merely a soft, social virtue: rather, trust is a pragmatic, hard-edged, economic, and actionable asset that you can create. Teams and organizations that operate with high trust significantly out-perform teams and organizations with low trust. This has been proven in dozens of studies, across a multitude of industries and sectors.
You can’t collaborate with people you don’t trust. You can coordinate, but there is a big difference between coordination and collaboration. Trust is the foundational element that transforms a team that coordinates into one that truly collaborates.


NeuroLeadership Institute unites researchers from leading labs around the world, with the purpose of advancing our understanding of the human brain to improve organizational performance, leadership, learning, and culture.
Principle centered leadership will bring to you the key to behaviour change through addressing the key drivers of :
Culture and leadership :Accelerate and embed new behaviors through brain-based strategies.
Performance :- Drive performance by lifting the quality of conversations.
Diversity and inclusion :- Move the needle on today’s diversity and inclusion challenges


Diversity and inclusion are related, but separate challenges. Unleashing the full benefits of diversity in your business requires a robust inclusion strategy. Discover how research in neuroscience can help you break bias, lift inclusion, and hire more effectively.
Through Principle centered leadership you will discover the secrets behind:

  • - The power of diversity to unleash inclusion
  • - Crossing the fine line between inclusion and over inclusion
  • - Dealing with inclusion when diversity is hard


Mindsets—ways of thinking about the goals we pursue in our professional and personal lives—determine how we interpret our successes and failures. They influence how we understand our own experiences in the workplace, and determine the nature of our emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and neural responses to those experiences. Principle centered leadership will show you the growth module in how you promote intra-individual comparisons (e.g., me now vs. me then), they are promoting a growth mindset—a focus on learning, growth, and improvement, which has been shown to result in increased performance.

2:20 PM
How to organize great events

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Principle Centered Leadership
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Stephen M.R. Covey
Michael Simpson is the Global Managing Director for Executive Coaching, FranklinCovey and is the author or co-author of seven bestselling leadership and coaching books, one being Talent Unleashed.
Talent Unleashed
A Life of Admiral of the Fleet Andrew Cunningham
The Persecution of the Jews

Fourth Form Latin Teacher Manual
The Ultimate Sacrifice
The Metamorphoses of Ovid

Michael Simpson
2:20 PM
How to organize great events

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