Writing Advantage™
Clear writing spells better business results.


Employees often devote up to three hours each day struggling to express their thoughts and recommendations in writing. Sadly, this time is squandered if their emails, memos, reports, and other documents are misinterpreted or even ignored. With awkward sentence structure, poor organization, and murky language, most written communication drops off the radar due to information clutter. To boost business competitiveness, your people must cut through the clutter and communicate clearly-without leaving anything open to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

The Solution


The FranklinCovey Writing Advantage workshop teaches how to set quality writing standards that help your employees increase productivity, resolve issues, avoid errors, and heighten credibility. Participants learn a four-step process to create writing that cuts through the clutter. They learn how to write faster with more clarity, and gain skills for revising and fine-tuning every kind of document.




About the Course

Taught as a one-day, facilitator-led program, the FranklinCovey Writing Advantage workshop helps individuals learn how to:

  1. Organize initial ideas around a clear purpose.
  2. Structure a prototype based on solid writing standards.
  3. Evolve their prototype into a draft document.
  4. Review and refine the draft against formal standards.
  5. Produce a final and collaborative edit of their draft.


Core competencies for Writing Advantage include:



Deliverables Produced

Writing Basics
  • The importance of writing
  • Key thoughts
  • The basis of Writing Advantage approach
    1. Focus on readers as customers
    2. Develop quality writing standards
    3. Use a simple process and tools to implement standards
  • How to create a baseline document
  • To "Debrief Baseline Document" exercise
    1. Write and revise
    2. Brainstorm writing challenges
  • Create quality writing standards
  • The Writing process
    1. Ineffective writing process
    2. Writing process: four-step
Plan Your Document
  • How to determine your purpose
  • To assess your readers' needs
    1. What readers want to know
    2. Building document (analyze original, analyze readers, analyze re-written document)
    3. Briefly overview brainstorming
Design Your Document
  • How to write effective subject lines
  • How to use setups sparingly
  • To put main ideas up front
  • To preview key supporting points
  • To write informative headings
  • To include complete but only relevant details under headings
  • To review purpose and deadlines
  • To use the Four-Box Format
Draft Your Document
  • How to cool before you revise
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