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The 7 Habits Maximizer™
Refresh your knowledge, reshape your future.


Unfortunately for all of us humans, forgetting what we once learned is part of our DNA. Even the most devoted participants in the seven habits training can lose what they learn, especially if they haven't consistently applied the principles after the training. But on the bright side, we can overcome our fallible memories through reinforcement, repetition, and forming habits. The 7 Habits Maximizer™ workshop offers past participants a way to extend and reinforce the timeless principles that have helped them begin to reshape their lives.

The Solution


This one-day 7 Habits Maximizer extension course helps participants "hard-wire" their commitment to principles of effectiveness, which in turn improves the dynamics of your organization. As individuals deepen their understanding of these bedrock principles, they internalize the lessons and develop a renewed commitment to them.


About the Course
Participants in The 7 Habits Maximizer workshop learn to:
  • Focus on current high-leverage projects
  • Identify and apply unique talents and skills
  • Align work with the organization's Wildly Important Goals
  • Successfully enlist support for their objectives


"You are the creative force of your life. You have a unique contribution to make that no one else can make. Start small. Start today. Remember that out of small things, great things are accomplished."
Stephen R. Covey Author

Core competencies for The 7 Habits Maxmizer include:


Core Competencies

Participants Will Learn to:

Habit 1
Be Proactive®
  • Focus on what they can influence.
  • Take responsibility and have accountability.
Habit 2
Begin With the End in Mind®
  • Align goals to priorities.
  • Focus on desired outcomes.
Habit 3
Put First Things First®
  • Focus on great things, not just good things.
  • Use effective time-management skills.
Habit 4
Think Win-Win®
  • Enlist the help of others to achieve more.
  • View important projects from the perspective of others.
Habit 5
Seek First to Understand Then to Be Understood®
  • Learn and practice Empathic Listening.
  • Apply productive input and feedback with confidence.
Habit 6
  • Seek and value differences.
  • Synergize to arrive at new and better alternatives.
Habit 7
Sharpen the Saw®
  • Achieve life balance.
  • Plan for professional improvement.
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