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Help employees cut through the clutter and communicate more clearly and convincingly, whether it's writing a document or email, making a presentation, or conducting a meeting.


We know that a third of all training has moved from live to live-online webinars since 2006, but delivering training via webinars is a whole different scenario from teaching front-of-the-room courses. If you have tried your hand at presenting webinars you know there is a learning curve that requires expert help. When facilitating webinars you will find that teaching sessions are shorter and some exercises cannot be used. Making the training "stick" while competing with all the other distractions of the office is now possible!

The Solution

When done well, web based live-training can rival live in-person courses in content retention and learning application. Webinar training also exceeds live courses in ease of access and lower costs. Webinars are also a great way to reach distributed teams. These two hours will help you learn the one technique that can produce 100% attention in a learner's work space. FranklinCovey's LiveClicks Webinar Workshop-Presenting Great Webinars: Improving Your Webinar Facilitation Skills provides you with a tactical approach to webinars to help you improve your webinar delivery.

About the Course

Now all your employees can experience the world-renowned benefits of FranklinCovey training, no matter where they live and work around the globe. FranklinCovey's LiveClicks Webinar Workshop-Presenting Great Webinars: Improving Your Webinar FacilitationSkills, is a low-cost module that offers compelling content, award-winning videos, and live engagement with an expert consultant to help participants deliver world-class web-based live workshops. Before you start presenting webinars, register for this LiveClicks session and spend two hours with other training professionals learning from Dave Green, FranklinCovey's Director of Online Delivery and world-class webinar trainer.

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